Medical Transportation Program

The Medical Transportation Program is directed by First Nations Health Authority – Medical Transportation Program. This is a targeted funding program that has policy set by FNHA which the Society must abide by. The FNHA Program provides supplementary health benefits for medical transportation for registered First Nations and recognized Inuit throughout Canada. Through a contribution agreement, the Society has assumed responsibility for the administration and funding of medical transportation benefits to eligible clients.

Medical Transportation Program

Eligible clients are all status First Nations residing on the Canoe Creek, Soda Creek, and Williams Lake First Nations Bands, as well as urban First Nations living in the catchment area of Williams Lake; east as far as Horsefly, west as far as Hanceville, north of 100 Mile House, and south of Quesnel.

The Medical Transportation Program provides supplementary benefits intended to ensure that eligible clients have access to medically-required services. It is not intended to cover all costs that may be associated with a client’s medical condition and travel requirements.

Assessment of benefits will be based on professional medical and dental judgement, consistent with the best practices of health services delivery and evidence-based standards of care. The program will be managed in a transparent, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

The Society determines if the client is eligible for benefits and that access to medically required health services cannot be obtained locally. The most economical and efficient mode of transportation must be used, taking into consideration the client’s medical condition and the urgency of the situation.

In order to determine eligibility for medical transportation benefits for a specialist appointment, the client must provide the following documentation:

  •  a referral from a general practitioner, family physician or other health professional
  •  confirmation of appointment from the health provider/health facility.
  •  and an escort request form, if required due to medical or legal reasons

Clients must be referred to a specialist; they cannot “self refer.” A referral from a GP to a specialist is considered valid for six months, after which the client is required to get a new referral note.

Clients are responsible to bring in this documentation to the Medical Transportation Receptionist as there are forms that need to be filled out and signed at our office. The Society requires 5 working days notice for transportation needs, unless an emergency occurs. The Medical Transportation Receptionist will follow the guidelines for transportation for each specific travel trip. Transportation assistance could include transportation, meals, accommodation, escorts, etc. depending on time and location of appointment(s).

After the appropriate medical travel arrangements have been made and the client has attended their appointment, the client must provide confirmation of attendance from the health provider/health facility. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed without written confirmation of attendance. The time frame for client reimbursement requests through FNHA is a maximum of 12 months from date of service. No reimbursement will be provided when scheduled transportation could reasonably have been used (e.g., medical transportation vans). The Society follows policy that no money will be given up front to clients accessing the medical transportation program. The Society has accounts set up with various, hotels, taxi companies, and restaurants. If clients choose to pay up front for services, the Society will reimburse the client on the next reimbursement day, which is every second Friday.

Travel expenses will only be considered for services that are eligible through the BC Medical Service Plan, or covered by FNHA, and is to the closest appropriate medical professional and/or facility.

Exceptions may be considered for medical transportation and need to go through the FNHA head office in Vancouver. All dental is considered an exception and therefore needs at least 5 days notice to arrange travel.

Three Corners Health Services Society follows the Non Insured Health Benefits Medical Transportation Policy Framework and the Medical Transportation Guidelines – Pacific Region for all medical transportation requests. The Society has also developed its own policies which it follows in regards to the location of service and what is provided to clients during specific time periods.

Who to contact

Medical Transportation Receptionist, 250-398-9814 ext. 203 or

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