The Community Health Representative Program (CHRP) works collaboratively with all Three Corners Health Services Society (TCHSS) programs in each community facilitating the delivery of quality care. This program fosters optimal wellbeing across the lifespan by collaborating with TCHSS programs and the community. The CHR coordinates and collaborates with the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program as well as the Dental Health Program. The CHR provides Community Health Nursing support and collaboration with the Environmental Health Program. In addition, the CHR acts as a community liason and client advocate and provides palliative and grief support to children, youth, families and community.

Community Health Representative Program

Program Description

Programs with which the CHR program is involved include the following:

  • Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program
  • BCCDC Tuberculosis Services for Aboriginal Program
  • Environmental Health
  • Community Wellness and Protection Program (CWPP)
  • Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Dental and Oral Health Program
  • Home and Community Care Program

Program Management and Support

The oversight of the program is the responsibility of the New Beginnings Program (NBP) Manager with support from the Director of Nursing.

Information and Data Collection

The CHR Program utilizes the Mustimuhw electronic health records database for record keeping and data collection. Client health records are stored and handled in a confidential and secure manner. Statistical data is submitted monthly to the NBP Manager.

Program Components

Preconception and Prenatal/Postnatal

  • Promotion of the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program to its target families (ie. Prenatal and Postnatal Care, Preconception Information, Information packages and home visits) 
  • Collaboration with the Circle of Life Program (COLP) to provide quality care for families 
  • Support of families in accessing regular prenatal care 
  • Provision of the program according to the CPNP guidelines
  • Coordination and facilitation of regular nutritional prenatal luncheons and the accompanying education components
  • Appropriate referrals to ensure quality care
  • Ensure families are aware of the importance of the procedure for the birth, status and MSP registration of new babies
  • Provide home visits to mothers of newborns
  • Support of mothers in breastfeeding (ie. encouragement and information)

Community Health Nursing Support

  • Support the CHN in delivering the CWPP program including the following:
    • Immunizations (ie. assistance at well child clinics)
    • Communicable Disease Control (ie. contact tracing)
    • TB Program (ie. information, supporting attendance)

Community Liason and Client Advocate

  • Liase with community on behalf of TCHSS programs (ie. women’s/men’s health)
  • Liase with TCHSS staff on behalf of the community (ie. births, deaths, significant events)
  • Work collaboratively with TCHSS staff
  • Work collaboratively with other community partners (ie. IHA)
  • Promoting immunization and TB screening
  • Implementation of health promotion across the lifespan according to community need and TCHSS health education focus
  • Advocate for client where needed

Palliative and Grief Support

  • Provides emotional support to community members and their families who are transitioning through the grief and loss journey
  • Collaborates with HCCP to coordinate support to families
  • Is aware of and respects specific traditional practices around death in the community as per current policy

Dental Health

  • Promotes dental/oral health by providing current information and encouragement
  • Collaborates with dental therapist to coordinate community clinics
  • Promotes early prevention with prenatal moms, infants and toddlers (ie. Lift the Lip Program)
  • Coordinates with dental therapist to provide oral health workshops in community
  • Distributes toothbrushes, toothpaste and nutritional information to community members (ie. Head Start, prenatal program, afterschool program and community events)

Environmental Health

  • Monitors and observes within the community for environmental health issues
  • Refers to CHN and EHO as required